Retlar OÜ has been working in the field of high quality custom made furniture since 1998. Hotels and museums, restaurants and offices – they all need high quality and durability in their furnishings.



Our furniture and joinery can be found all over Estonia, as well as from countries, such as in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, England, Germany, France and the United States.



We consider flexibility of our manufacturing process to be our greatest strength. Our modern equipment and 2500m² of production space supports the individual wishes and needs of our clients.

With the help of the project “Improvement project for increasing production efficiency No. 1”, Retlar OÜ received support from the European Social Fund

In the period from 28.02.2013 to 30.11.2013, the project "Improvement of Production Efficiency Improvement Project No. 1" Retlar OÜ was carried out with the co-financing of the European Social Fund.

The project was supported by: Enterprise Estonia Knowledge and Skills Development Support Measure.

The project “Resource OÜ resource efficiency investments” received support from the European Regional Development Fund

Short summary of the project:
With the acquisition of an automatic warehouse with a saw, a line and a CNC drilling machine, the production of Retlar OÜ will become more resource-efficient, and as a result of the project, parts will be manufactured with less resource use and higher resource productivity. With the installation of new equipment, production becomes faster and more resource-efficient.
Project goal and result:
With the introduction of new equipment, the amount of scrap material produced in production will be reduced, thanks to modern and new technology equipment. With the introduction of the new candid line, the use of glue will also decrease. Thanks to the higher speed and automation of the new equipment, the company's production volume will increase.

Grant amount:€ 197 725